Student Parent Card

Student Parent Card

Further education fed by Asda’s Student Parent  card!

Are you a parent or guardian whose children have grown up and flown the nest in pursuit of further education? Do you constantly wonder if they are eating enough to fuel their studies?  Order an Asda Student / Parent card hereand you can rest assured that they have sufficient funds for their food!

How does it work?

With two gift cards linked to just one account, you simply keep one and give the other to the student in the family!  Then you have a choice as to how you provide for them by topping-up instore or online and you can even set up a recurring top-up by clicking here.

You also don’t  have to worry about the card getting lost as you can protect the funds – register herefor extra peace of mind.

Where can you spend it?

Your loved one can then choose from our wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, Extra Special treats, own brand beans and favourite ready meals.    And if they need something for the home they can even shop online at!

Get started now – order your Asda Student Parent card below!