Try re-printing the eCard, if it is still unreadable then please contact admin@buyvouchers.net or call customer services on 0800 7562783*

An Asda Gift Card can be brought as either a present for someone or used as a shopping card by you. You can load up to £500 onto the Gift Card and it can be brought at any time at any Asda store. You can reload money on to your Gift Card in-store.

An eGift Card could only be purchased online, but please note that these are now no longer available from Asda. If you have received an eGift Card previously as a present all you need to do is print off the piece of paper and take into a store to spend.

A Christmas Savings Card is a really useful way of saving for Christmas. You can save up to £144 on it, and can earn a bonus on the bonus day depending on how much money you have on it.

A Pocket Money Card is a great way of getting your child to save their pocket money. You can load as much money onto the card as often as you like, just like a normal Asda Gift Card. Once their card is registered they will then have chance to log in and check their balance and transactions as well as play the game ‘Monkey Bank’. The card can then be used at any time to buy anything at any Asda store.

A Student Shopper Card is really two cards: one for the parents and one for students. Both cards are linked together, so parents can add money to the card and automatically top up their son or daughter’s card. Students can then spend the credit on their card on anything they need in Asda.

If you have registered your card don’t worry - just cancel your lost or stolen card by logging in to your account on http://cards.asda.com/ and click the cancel card link. Your old card will be void and no longer usable and your remaining balance is immediately protected. We'll then send you out a new card to your registered address which will automatically include the balance of your old card at the time of it being registered as lost or stolen. It will take 4 - 5 working days for your new card to arrive once the old one has been cancelled. You will then need to re-register this card. If you have a Pocket Money card you will need to select a new user name for your child to log into their Monkey Bank area.

Unfortunately if you have not registered your card we cannot replace the balance

The eGift is the email that is sent. The E Gift Card is the printed piece of paper that the recipient takes in to store to spend.

Try to retrieve it from your Deleted or Trash folder. If you cannot retrieve it from here you can request that the email is resent by emailing admin@buyvouchers.net or calling 0800 7562783*.

You can reprint your E Card from the original email.

You can reprint your E Card and proceed to spend the remaining money.

The eGift is the email that is sent. The eGift Card is the printed piece of paper that the recipient takes in to store to spend.
What happens if I forget my password or email address and I cannot log in to my account?

If you've forgotten your password, just click on the link in the login box. You'll then get an email from us with a temporary password. This will let you login using your email address and temporary password. Once logged in, it's a good idea to then change your temporary password to something that you'll remember. If it's your email address you have forgotten please click on the link in the login area of the homepage.

Sunday 15th November 2015.

It depends on how much is saved on your card. If you have the full amount of £144 then you'll get a £6 bonus. Don't worry if you don't have the full amount saved though, you'll still get a bonus. A balance of £49 to £96 gets you a £1 bonus, and a balance of £97 to £143 gets you £3.

The maximum savings amount on a Christmas Savings Card is £144 and you can save money on more than one card.

You can load as much or as little as you'd like up to £500.

The balance on these cards can be used in store either in full or as part-payment (excluding third party concessions or products, petrol and lottery tickets) while your card is valid.

At the moment these cards can only be used in store, but we're hoping you'll be able to use them online soon.

It's really easy to check your balance. In store you can do it at any checkout. Or click the 'Balance Checker' button at the top of this page.

Load money onto your card at any checkout or Customer Service desk in store.

No you can only load this once. You can however part spend the value and the remaining funds will be retained on the E Gift Card until fully spent.

Our Gift Cards are exactly that; gifts. We want them to be relevant to the people who receive them, so we have lots of different themes and pictures to make sure that you can find the perfect one for you or your friends. The actual Card and what it does never changes, just the picture on the front.

We work hard to stop fraud so all our cards are monitored for unusual activity. Your card will have been locked either because it displayed erratic spending behaviour that was out of the ordinary, or because it has been used before any money has been loaded onto it. If your card has been locked and isn't allowing any spending, take it to the Customer Service desk in store and they'll help you sort out the problem.

Just log into your account section, click on the card name of the Pocket Money Card. This will display the card details including the username for that card. Their pin number can be found on the back of the card.

It's really easy to check your balance. In store you can do it at any checkout. Or click the 'Balance Checker' button at the top of this page.